A West Photography: Blog https://www.awestphotography.com/blog en-us (C) A West Photography (A West Photography) Wed, 02 Jun 2021 12:31:00 GMT Wed, 02 Jun 2021 12:31:00 GMT Graduation and Family https://www.awestphotography.com/blog/2021/6/graduation-and-family There are important times in each and everyone life. Graduation, be it from high school or college. As a photographer I love to catch these moments. The bonus to this is getting to know the client and in this case her family. Liezl Romero graduated from Miami University Class of 2021. 

  This young lady is ready to take on the world and has the greatest personality to go along with it.  Accompanying her was her family. 

   Did I mention they were a blast to shoot !!

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Importance of a good photographer https://www.awestphotography.com/blog/2020/2/importance-of-a-good-photographer   What is the importance of picking the right photographer ? EVERYTHING !!! Every photographer has a different style. One of the biggest questions is do you like that style. We are all different to say the least. My style tends to be more traditional verse the new age edge look. Just simple is my preference. When you choose the right photographer keep in mind do I like their style and does it match my tastes. Here are some examples what I personally like. 2D6A0525-Edit2D6A0525-Edit

      In this photo these two sister are positioned perfectly. The photo shows both their beauty and ferocity and intensity. Yet, they don't over power each other. The rim lighting of the sun just adds to their beauty and their eyes say everything. 22

  This photo brings the together the intensity of the athlete and the beauty of the young lady. Both are perfect examples of my traditional shooting preference. 2727

     This photo provides the look of the traditional family and all 3 generations. Kids, mom and dad and grandma and grandpa. 


 The importance these photos is do you like the style and is these photo's you would like on you wall for the next 30 years.




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4 Reasons Why Your Wedding Needs a Photo Booth https://www.awestphotography.com/blog/2019/8/4-reasons-why-your-wedding-needs-a-photo-booth
  • Pure, Contagious Fun! We've taken tens of thousands of photos in our photo booth and there isn't one that depicts someone sad or bored.  As soon as guests see our photo booth a line forms and the fun begins.  The laughter and hilarity that ensues inside the photo booth is contagious.  Guests let their guard down and next thing you know, Grandma decides to let out her inner Jamaican and wear the dreads.  Not everyone will get out on the dance floor, but pretty much everyone will take a session inside our photo booth.  Our photo booth has been the hit of every event we've been to, from babies to grandparents, everyone has fun. 
  • Scrapbook for you.  We bring a beautiful scrapbook along to every wedding.  By the end of the evening the scrapbook is filled with photo strips and wonderful notes of congratulations and well wishes from family and friends.  For most of our brides this scrapbook completely replaces the standard guestbook.  You'll have this memory filled book to look at forever.  Our photo booth prints out two photo strips, your guests keep one and the other goes in your scrapbook.   
  • Keepsake for your guests.  These days anyone with a smartphone can take a photo anytime, anywhere.  But, there is something about the nostalgia of a photo booth and the fact that you receive an actual, physical photo strip.  Your guests will take home a pocketful of photos and put them on the fridge or even in frames.  Each package includes a custom photo strip graphic, tailored to your specifications, by our in-house graphic designer. Your guests will easily remember how fun your wedding day was for years to come.        
  • Digital copies for you.  Our photo booth saves each photo taken as an individual file.  Before we leave your wedding, we'll hand you a USB drive with every single photo that our booth captured.  After the honeymoon you can share these on social media, perhaps make some prints or use some for your next Christmas card
  • visit our photo booth page for our video of our Magic Mirror Photo booth
  •  https://www.awestphotography.com/photobooth
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    The unappreciated few https://www.awestphotography.com/blog/2017/8/the-unappreciated-few In sports today there are a group of individuals that are responsible for enforcement of the rules of the in particular sport. Today, we will focus on soccer here in the US. This past weekend I had the pleasure shoot the match of Columbus Crew vs Chicago fire. The crew as always consisted of National Referee's as well as FIFA referee's. Many times you hear, "I can do that" "How hard could it be". Well let me tell you it is down right hard. These men and women have risen to the top of their profession. Committed many years ago to a job that they will be continuously criticized by one and all. The very slightest misstep is highlighted in front of millions then reviewed by their fellow referee's at a later date to fix a issue or give the praise for a job well done. Take this into consideration when you are at a game and the profanity laced berated statement comes billowing out of your mouth. These men and women are human, they are not perfect. They have singular point of few and YES they will miss something, or maybe it was so trifling of a call it wasn't worth blowing the whistle. Also take into consideration the level of commitment that they have given ensure they are doing is one of the best. They spend 30-40 weeks a year away from their families. When they are not on the pitch they are training to be fit. Training to be perfect their positioning on the pitch. Training to make sure they make the right decision when it truly matters. Hat's off to the referee's of all sports and the tough job you have.

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